Omaha's "The Burbs" Magazine

Omaha's "The Burbs" magazine is published monthly online by Calamus Publishing, Inc.

The first issue of Omaha's "The Burbs" magazine was mailed out in August of 2010. Since then we’ve been providing our readers with products, services and articles of interest ranging from dining and entertainment, healthcare, landscaping, pets, shopping, lawn equipment, home improvement and more.

The unique part of Omaha's "The Burbs" magazine is that we are not a coupon book, or magazine you have to go out and pick-up at a grocery store or gas station. Our publication is typically mailed directly to our entire circulation area neighborhoods each month. The attractive cover shots are often times submitted by our readers and embody the flavor of the area neighborhoods’ we deliver to.

Omaha's "The Burbs" magazine offers businesses an unparalleled opportunity to reach their potential clients directly. Our blend of articles and advertising is a winning combination that adds up to one thing... RESULTS!

We will continue to publish online only every month during the pandemic.